What is CAS?

CAS is the reference conference about  Agile  methodologies in Spain, this year it will be celebrated in Barcelona, at the end of November.
Hellen Keller said “Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much”.  CAS 2019 organizers want to stay with the most positive part and promote this idea: “Together, we can do so much”, because the Agile Spain community, united, can bring a lot of value to its environment.
Beyond this aim, our purpose is to create with CAS a true connection and collaboration point in order to share the Agile Community with the world, welcoming new people who want to join, and uniting even more those who already take part in the community. The conference will be held in English and Spanish.

Call for papers

Do you want to present a talk or workshop this year? Fantastic! We’ll be happy to receive your proposal.

¿Do you want to sponsor CAS?

If you are interested in being a CAS sponsor this year you can download the sponsorship dossier and get in touch with us.

How CAS 2018 was

Do you want to know how Conference Agile Spain 2018 was? Find out by watching the video summary and get ready for the CAS 2019 on its 10th anniversary!

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Latest news

Agilistas, queremos dejaros un cuestionario sobre nuestro evento #AgileInTheNewNormal y animaros a participar. Esperamos vuestras respuestas @agilespain @confagilespain #ByTeamCAS2020 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UOI_LWnl9OSmmsgIj3b2qkV0XBR_bgstf6iuPrJbxhA/viewform?edit_requested=true

Agilistas, Netmind @netmind_es es patrocinador Gold de nuestro evento #AgileInTheNewNormal y desde @AgileSpain y @confagilespain queremos agradecerles su patrocinio #AgileInTheNewNormal #ByTeamCAS2020

¡Agilistas! Vamos a contar con Talan @talan_fr como patrocinador Gold de nuestro evento online. Gracias Talan @talan_fr por la confianza en nuestro evento #AgileInTheNewNormal de @AgileSpain #ByTeamCAS2020

¡Y ya tenemos lista nuestra Web! Pasen y vean… Y compartan https://agileinthenewnormal.agile-spain.org/ #AgileInTheNewNormal #ByTeamCAS2020 @agilespain

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